The bottom lite had to have a hole drilled near an edge where a metal eyelet would be inserted later down the line. It had at one time a stage like place in the basement with leg irons still in the concrete walls where they used to auction off slaves. The crash ignited a huge fireball all passengers and crew died in the disaster. reported apparitions seen and very eerie feelings. Lincoln - Olin Sang - the oldest dorm on campus there is a ghost that likes to pull pranks. All lites on these pallets were assigned according to the dimension which that particular production line could handle dating university illinois. The head custodian there has for many years told stories of the evening shift custodians and the basement. Willmette - Loyola Academy High School Theatre - There has been a legend that a blue light appears in the little theatre of Loyola Academy high school when all the lights are @ut. The murderer was never caught and the case was mysteriously dismissed. Sounds have been heard ranging from bells to chains, to voices. He was reported missing a week later he was never found until the teachers came back to get ready for the next year. also, a black 62 mustang will chase you when you leave and then vanishes from your rearview mirror. When they got closer the lady disappeared. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is the third largest police department in the state.

  There are frequent noises like footsteps and the sound of bells ringing. This girl suffered from severe depression. Investigators found evidence, but no trace of the woman was uncovered. At this spot occurred the last daylight Train Robbery in the U. They heard voices in the hallway and they believe that it is a librarian or someone of that sort. After exhaustive searching, the manager went out and purchased another one, a few hours later, the missing corkscrew was simply sitting out in plain sight on the bar, in the open. It has many stories of hauntings and strange happenings. Once in the cemetery, different creepy sounds can be heard. Lake Forest - Barat College - The school is going to be 100 years old this year and there have so many ghost sightings there that you could write a whole book about it. As explained on this Web page, the top lite had to be larger than the bottom lite. Supposedly they went off the road and the girl died instantly. Also Lights seem to turn on and of by themselves. I was a successful police officer because I stopped trying to be what I believed I was supposed to be and started being authentic dating university illinois. Christian - Palmer – Stone Cabin - not far from Anderson cemetery there is a stone cabin that has figures that appear in it.

One particular story was about a bunch of kids going in at night and sneaking around (around 1983 - 1985), they said they saw something in the woods that had glowing red eyes that started to chase them. Also haunted by a specter wolf that is said to chase trespassers. First bridge: A woman had thrown her baby into the creek..
. Petersburg - Pontiac - Humiston Woods - Behind one of the larger creeks, there is an Indian Burial site where there are still remains of Indians, many of them being children bones. The hangers on the coat rack have been known to spin and fly off the rod when there are only a few people around and its quiet. In there are the 5 bodies of the Payton family. Mysterious fires have also started when visitors have been present. This is somewhat newer housing other relatives of the Payton family. Sometimes late at night you can hear the organ playing. On some nights people have seen different colored lights that follow you above and through the trees, heard whistles and talking, and some have seen a human figure that follows whoever goes in the woods. Just joking about the monsters but for real the place is haunted and is defiantly worth a trip out to see.   A girl has been heard screaming and seen on security cameras when nobody is there. ..


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